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Designer Clothes Obsession Funded By Mum

Designer Clothes Obsession Funded By Mum

Mother works three jobs to pay for daughter’s shopping habit

A mother has taken up three jobs to earn enough money to pay for her daughter’s expensive designer clothing shopping habit and is looking for a fourth.

Jackie Walsh, from Morecambe in Lancashire is the mother of two daughters, who she admits she unashamedly spoils. In order to satisfy her eldest daughter’s, Lauren, shopping habit, she now has three jobs to her name, including her main occupation of carer, as well as a minimum wage cleaning job.

Jackie even helps with Lauren’s paper round, doing at least half of the deliveries in her car. But she believes that money is there to be spent, a philosophy her daughter seems to have taken to heart.

Lauren regularly buys designer clothes, wearing them perhaps only once and some not at all. She defends her shopping habit, claiming "I feel pressurised when I see people in magazines. They look like normal people but they’re really pretty and they’re wearing all new clothes, so you think, oh if I wear those, I’ll look really good as well."

She admits that she is spoiled by her mother, who feels unable to say "no" to her daughter.

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