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Time Parents Spend With Children Is Rising

Time Parents Spend With Children Is Rising

Survey reveals fathers now spend more time with children

A new survey has revealed that fathers are now likely to spend seven times as much time with their children as did their 1970s counterparts.

The research has been carried out in a collaboration between two academics at the University of London and the University of Seville. Dr Almudena Sevilla and Cristina Borra examined both parent and child time diaries between 1974 and 2005 to determine how adults divided their time between work, leisure activities and family during a 24-hour period.

The study revealed that working fathers spend approximately 35 minutes a day with their children, compared to just 5 minutes by fathers in the same situation in 1974. Mothers also spend more time with their children than mothers from the 70s, with times rising from 15 minutes per day to 60.

However, the study also suggested that there is a disparity between the classes regarding time spent with children. Higher educated parents were more inclined to help their children with their homework than those who had less formal schooling. Dr Sevilla believed this inequality to be the point of foremost interest in the work.

She said: "With this data we couldn’t tell the impact on child development, but other research has been done that suggests the more time we spend with our children, the better for cognitive development."

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