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Heart Problems Kill 12 People A Week

Heart Problems Kill 12 People A Week

Mother raises thousands to fund children heart screenings

A mother who lost her son to a heart condition that went undiagnosed has raised thousands of pounds to fund free heart screenings for children in Great Yarmouth.

Marilyn Cullum, from Norfolk, lost her son Simon when he was only 29 years old. He had a problem with his heart that had never been diagnosed, so neither mother nor son knew that he was in danger.

Ms Cullum said: "It was awful. I was speaking to him in the kitchen and he went up to his room. I went to see him 45 minutes later and he was clearly not alive on his bedroom floor."

Ms Cullum has since learnt that 12 youngsters die every week because they have heart conditions that go undiagnosed. Unwilling to let other parents experience a loss similar to hers, Ms Cullum raised £12,000 to fund Cardiac Risk in the Young (CRY) to carry out free heart screenings at Cliff Park Academy in Gorleston this past weekend.

One teenager who took part in the 10-minute screening, which is carried out either by an ECG or an ultrasound, was Elliott Burnett, who was relieved to discover that his heart was perfectly healthy, enabling him to enjoy his sporting activities without further concern.

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