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Raising A Child With Special Education Needs

Raising A Child With Special Education Needs

Special Education Needs (SEN) prevent a child from learning the same as other children. Factors that cause children to have SEN are..

  • Visual impairments
  • Hearing impairments
  • Physical disability
  • Learning difficulties
  • Concentration levels
  • Behaviour or ability to socialise

Some children will have an SEN of some kind at some point in their education, and will make progress in their own time. Schools and nurseries can offer help if you think your child may have SEN and the local council or your GP can also help if your child is not yet at nursery. Just because a child is making slower progress than you expect, do not assume that this is due to an SEN without seeking further help.

An assessment will be carried out to evaluate the level of help required for your child. Teachers must plan their lessons and teach in a way that is suitable for the child depending on their SEN, if your child is struggling to keep up in class additional help can be offered.

To read more about the types of help that can be offered use the link below.

Children with Special Educational Needs

There are a number of things that schools are working on to help with SEN and it is important to check that they are implemented into your child’s school so they are receiving the best help they can.

· Equipment & technology

· Physical environment

· Timetables

· Organisation

· Curriculum

· Support

To read more about what these categories cover please refer to the link below


As of September there will be a change to legislation covering different elements involving families and children. It is very important that parents take the time to read this, so that they understand their rights, and what actions will be taken to offer support and security to children.

Children and Families Act 2014

This is a condition that can work differently from one child to the next depending on their SEN, and the extent of it. There is plenty of support and additional help that you can seek to ensure your child enjoys the very best of their education.

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