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5 Year Old's To Learn Fractions and Computer Coding

5 Year Old's To Learn Fractions and Computer Coding

Children will experience new curriculum upon return to school

A new school curriculum will greet millions of children when they go back to school this week.

The former Education minister, Mr Michael Gove, had said that the curriculum needed to be reformed in order for UK children to keep up with educational standards enjoyed by many countries. But the new system has met with criticism from teachers, who claim that the proposed timetable is ‘unrealistic’.

The general secretary of the National Association of Head Teachers, Mr Russell Hobby, identified problems with the new teaching system. He said: "One of the mistakes in the implementation of the curriculum is that it's all being implemented at once. In maths you need to learn the early concepts before you learn the later concepts, so there is a problem that there will be children who have not learned the earlier concepts before being expected to learn the more demanding ones."

The new curriculum specifically targets improvements in the fields of Maths, English, and Science. Five-year olds will now learn basic fractions and computer coding, while children will have a much earlier introduction to Shakespeare, with 11-14-year old's having to study a minimum of two of the Bard’s plays.

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