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Win a Lost My Name Personalised Story Book

Win a Lost My Name Personalised Story Book

Direct2Mum have teamed up with Lost My Name, to offer you the chance to win a personalised story book.

Lost My Name was founded by three dads and an uncle, who were frustrated by the lack of innovative technology being used to enhance quality storytelling for children. To address this, they have created over 250 stories and illustrations, and developed a unique algorithm which matched a child’s name and gender to those assets. The result? A beautifully written and illustrated book, where a child’s name forms the story.

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Children love magical stories. Lost My Name’s are the most magical of all. Their first books, entitled ‘The Little Girl Who Lost Her Name’ and ‘The Little Boy Who Lost His Name’, tell the story of a child who sets off on a marvellous adventure, to track down all the missing letters of their name.

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The stories are fabulous - there’s a glamorous Ostrich, a sleep-deprived Bear, a Viking who yearns to bake and a Zebra torn between spots and stripes - and many, many more. The illustrations are fantastic - rich, vibrant and breaking new creative ground in children’s picture book art.
The book was written by BBC comedy writer David Cadji-Newby and illustrated by respected Portuguese visual artist Pedro Serapicos, both co-founders of Lost My Name.


But the real magic lies in the personalisation. The child is given the first letter of each character’s name, finally putting together their own. Every name creates its own unique, personalised tale, featuring a dazzling cast of different characters.

We have three of these books to giveaway. To be in with chance of winning, simply answer the question below before 11pm on the 29th of October. You'll have to go to their site to find the answer!

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