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Father’s Education Key To Child’s Academic Success

Father’s Education Key To Child’s Academic Success

A new study claims that the level of education of a father is the strongest factor in determining how successful a child will be in their academic life.

The Office for National Statistics released figures that fathers who failed to achieve a reasonable level of academic success themselves are 7 and a half times more likely to have children who also fail to obtain good grades at school.

The ONS discovered that a mother’s education had far less influence on a child’s academic development, and that low education levels are a significant factor in UK poverty. Their figures reveal that children who failed to achieve good grades at school were five times more likely to suffer poverty in their adult lives.

Whilst denying there was any evidence that low aspirations among poor families causes poverty, Helen Barnard, the Joseph Rowntree Foundation’s policy and research manager, said: “there is evidence that children and parents from poorer backgrounds develop lower expectations as children grow older – they stop believing that their children will be able to achieve high ambitions, or do not know how to help them do so.”

This is the first study to acknowledge how important a father’s education level is on that on the academic development of a child.

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