Mother Who Forged Document For Daughter’s Education Is Prosecuted

Mother Who Forged Document For Daughter’s Education Is Prosecuted

A mother who forged certain documents to make sure that her daughter was able to go to a good school has been prosecuted and fined.

Lura Pacheco, 34, from Chadwell Heath, was taken to court where she confessed to submitting a forged tenancy agreement to convince schools in Havering that her home was closer to them than it was and, therefore, within the catchment area. Living in the borough of Barking and Dagenham, Ms Pacheco submitted a document that stated she lived in nearby Hornchurch. The fraud was discovered when the true owner of the Hornchurch property received an offer from a school and alerted the council authority.

Magistrate Michael Peacock said: “You are obviously a very good and conscientious mother and like all good mothers you want your kid to go to the best school available. I think the public are very aware of the lengths people go to to try and secure that. We hear of people buying expensive houses in expensive streets and so on in order to get into a certain catchment area. But whatever you do it’s got to be within the law.’

Ms Pacheco was fined £500 and sentenced to 100 hours’ community service.

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