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Children Scared Of Being Mocked For Singing

Children Scared Of Being Mocked For Singing

A professional music conductor has warned that children are being scared away from taking singing lessons out of fear that they will be laughed at.

Dominic Peckham, a conductor at the Royal Opera House, compared the talent show, The X-Factor, to a Victorian freak show that knocked music pupils’ confidence. He said: “In my experience as a youth chorus director, for years I've had children shaking their heads and just crumbling when I ask them to have a go at a song. You can see in their eyes that they think they are going to be no good and in many respects it's reality TV shows like The X Factor that are to blame for that.”

Mr Peckham’s attack on the ITV Saturday night programme follows other criticisms against reality talent shows. The president of the Association of School and College Leaders claimed that the shows encourage a “closed mind-set”, and the belief that a child’s talent is established at an early age.

However, reality shows have also received praise from other education experts, who claim that they have led to an increased uptake in the number of children who begin playing musical instruments in the belief that they may lead to fame.

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