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Jamie Oliver Verbally Abused By Children’s Commissioner

Jamie Oliver Verbally Abused By Children’s Commissioner

The celebrity chef, Jamie Oliver, has been branded a ‘d***head’ by the Australian children’s commissioner for the way he disciplines his children.

Bernie Geary, children’s commissioner in Victoria, Australia, called Mr Oliver the offensive name in response to the chef’s admission of how he disciplined one of his children by coating a slice of apple with a Scotch bonnet chilli. The Scotch bonnet chilli is one of the hottest varieties, rating a Scoville chilli heat of between 100,000 and 350,000. This rating makes them 140 times hotter than the usual chilli pepper.

In an interview he gave to Radio 3AW, Mr Geary said: 'He's a d***head Neil. It's just not appropriate to use cruelty as a form of discipline. This bloke, he should realise the influence he has as a high-profile public figure and a high-profile father. If he's joking it's not even appropriate because some parents and families might think it's a legitimate or alternative way of disciplining children. He's way off the planet as far as I'm concerned.'

Mr Oliver told the BBC’s Good Food Show that his daughter, Poppy, had shown him disrespect and he punished her with the chilli-coated apple slice. He also mentioned that his wife, Jools, had reprimanded him, instructing him never to repeat the punishment.

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