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Nativity Plays Scrapped By Many Primary Schools

Nativity Plays Scrapped By Many Primary Schools

Nativity plays scrapped by many primary schools

The traditional Christmas nativity play has been scrapped by a third of the UK’s primary schools to be replaced by modern versions according to a new poll.

The poll on the website, Netmums, discovered that only one in three primary schools still stage a traditional nativity play featuring the characters of Mary and Joseph, the Three Wise Men and Baby Jesus. Updated versions of nativity plays include aliens, drunken spacemen, footballers, punk fairies, and even Elvis. Such versions seem to bear so little resemblance to the original nativity story that many schools do not even call them such, preferring to title them as a ‘Winter Celebration’ or ‘End of Year Concert’.

The poll revealed that 65% of parents would prefer to keep the traditional nativity play format alive and wanted their child’s school to have one.

Siobhan Freegard, co-founder of Netmums, said: “It seems wrong to bombard kids with commercial messages about presents and Santa without them realising the true meaning of the celebration. This study shows many parents who aren’t religious look to the nativity as a comforting part of the

Christmas celebrations and want their school to embrace and celebrate it, rather than make up a version with perhaps less resonance for kids.’

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