I have recently read an article on a Midwife-Led Unit, they look amazing! - Direct2Mum

Leanne Trunkwald 12/02/2015 16:09:40 2 Replies 7 Views

I have read about these new birthing units that aid a natural labour without drugs and with improved care. It almost looks too good to be true?

I just wondered if anyone else had visited or enquired about using one as it is something I would really like to experience when giving birth in August but don't know how easy they are to find and if they are expensive?
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Fay Briddon
Fay Briddon
Hi Leanne

I made enquiries with one in bristol, and they were very helpful, and very kind. I too am considering a midwife led unit, as I really hate hospitals. I agree with you..... too good to be true.
I was really shocked to find there was no cost for this service. It looked too nice to be free!! Better than some hotels I have stayed in : )
I'm still continuing to investigate this, so can't speak from an experience point of view. If you do what I did; find your local one, and then ring them up to find out more info and ask all your questions. You can also arrange visits.
Certainly the route I will be going down, providing my baby allows it!!

13/02/2015 14:14:18

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Leanne Trunkwald
Leanne Trunkwald
Hi Fay!

I think the one in Bristol is the one I saw pictures of, it looks like a five star hotel. :)

Free? Wow, That's amazing! I wasn't expecting that.I definitely need to make enquiries about this as I get a little freaked out in hospitals myself and think this will do me the world of good. I will start my research this weekend and will reply again if I find anything worth mentioning!

Thanks again! xxxx

13/02/2015 16:49:25

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