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Back To School!

Back To School!

Whether it’s your little one’s first day in Reception class, or they are heading back to school after the holidays, the Baby Boffin's have rounded up helpful tips equipment to make school days as smooth as possible. From new lunch boxes, to books and maybe even a comforting teddy, make that back to school journey an easy one, with Direct2Mum here to help!

Putting children into nursery for the first time can be emotional, usually for the you more than the your little one. Within a couple of weeks you will have your morning routine and school runs will be easier than ever especially with these handy tips -

Play Dates - Arrange some playtime with your child’s favourite friends from school, having them re-familiarise themselves with each other will make morning drops off a breeze when they rush into class to see each other again and reassure you too!

Nursery/School Activities At Home! - Start to create some of the activities your child does at nursery or school, at home. This could be water and sand play, building blocks or painting and as you do the activity together refer back to when they did this at nursery and mention the staff and children’s names too. This used to help my children relive fond memories of nursery and they’d start to get excited about being back.

Role Play – Around the age of two your child’s imagination kicks in so you can create a fun nursery environment with your child’s teddies and toys at home. You can be the teacher or let them teach you! Your little one will love to show you what they have learnt and you will see how much their developing. Take it a step further and invite friends to take part in the role play as well.

Reading – Head to the library and select books about nursery life or children going to nursery. There are even some character books, including Peppa Pig, Masie and Charlie & Lola, which have nursery-themed stories. Fill your home with your child’s favourite books, they are a great way to wind down the day and help your child relax ready for bedtime.

Equipment Ready – Children love being independent just like mummy and daddy, Direct2Mum have a wide range of rucksacks to choose from so your little one can carry their own books to school! From dinosaurs to unicorns we have them all so your child can pick their favourite character, each bag has unique features, whether it’s an insulated lunchbox to keep them sandwiches fresh or a backpack with safety reins to keep them on their feet. Shop The Rucksacks & Lunch Packs Range.

For the little ones who aren’t quite ready for nursery yet Direct2Mum has an extensive Early Learning range to simulate their minds and movements! Shop The Early Learning Range.

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