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Safety is always the main focus of a car seat but as your child grows they will need different things from their car seat.

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Newborn Baby

A newborn baby should only be in a car seat for 2 hours at a time approximately, you can buy car seats with the ability to lie-flat such as the Cybex Cloud Q.

A lie flat position allows your baby to sleep more comfortable in an ergonomically correct position. Look for a seat that is roomy but supportive. Insert cushions can provide extra comfort for younger and smaller babies.

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A recline function could make all the difference for a relaxing car journey when you have a sleepy tot in the back. Look for a model with lots of recline positions as it will make it easier to find a comfortable position for your child. Research shows that more than 70% of children wriggle out of their car seat harness, putting them at risk of head, neck, spinal and internal injuries.

A five-point harness is much safer than a 3-point harness as it keeps your child more secure. Brands such as Cosatto have created the 5 Point Plus ‘Anti-Escape’ System so little wrigglers can’t get out of their harness. An easy-to-clean removable cover is very handy especially with a potty training toddler. You’ll want to be able to whip off the cover quickly for washing in the case of any nappy leaks or food spillages. Some models feature a smaller, removable cushion that will make the seat more supportive for the tots at the lighter side of the weight group. This is particularly important if you are using an i-Size car seat, as your baby will be in it from a younger age.

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One in 4 car accidents is a side impact collision. This type of crash is generally more serious than others – and causes more severe injuries. That’s why it’s vital to have a side protection car seat. This is where a full highback booster seat really shines

An adjustable headrest makes the seat more comfortable for your growing child and also provides extra protection for the head. Also look for a seat that will expand width ways also as children don’t just grow in height.

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