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Bored children may do anything to attract your attention, but we offer travel accessories that could be the perfect solution.

We also offer plenty of accessories that will help to protect the interior of your car and keep your child protected so you can keep concentrating on the journey ahead.

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Footmuffs & Inlays

A footmuff is the ideal solution to keeping your baby warm without putting them in a bulky coat. Although most of them are designed to be universal you can co-ordinate some with the colour or make of your car seat to achieve an all-round look!

With a selection of materials, fastenings and features, whatever you choose your child will always be the comfiest person in your family car! An inlay will provide your new born extra support when in the first stages of using their car seat.

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Sun Blinds

When out and about with your little one, you are concerned about protecting your child from the heat and their sensitive eyes and skin from dangerous sun's rays.

With a sun blind you are going to be well equipped on sunny days and can run your errands with added peace of mind. Suction pads secure the blind in the best position to shield your child from direct sunlight and UV rays.

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Rear-View Mirror

When you’re driving you can be torn about wanting to turn around and see to your little one’s fussing and keeping your attention to the road ahead.

With the use of an additional rear-view mirror you can keep an eye on your little one when driving without the need to turn around.

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Seat Protector

A seat protector is a sound investment to prevent wear and tear to your vehicle from car seats, especially if you take your car seat in and out a lot. It can also help to protect leather seats from a blackcurrant spill!

Seat protectors will not interfere with the installation and in fact can keep your little one’s car seat level and securely positioned.

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Summer Cover

The perfect hot-weather solution, a summer cover protects the car seat against direct sunlight and excessive heating to maintain baby’s safety and comfort.

Some are made from absorbent materials that will trap perspiration more quickly, and will help keep your child cool by working moisture away to them dry and comfortable.

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Back of seat organisers, toy holders and pop up bins are useful for storing books, toys, drinks and snacks, turning chaos into calm by keeping your little one’s favourite things within easy reach.

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