Choosing Your Car Seat Group

A good place to start is knowing which car seat is suitable for you child! Remember age is just a guideline and car seats are split into groups based on a child's weight with the exception of i-Size (but we'll get to that later).

If a child is over or below the specific weight range it can prevent the car seat from effectively protecting your child. Children grow fast, so some car seats cover more than one weight group to grow alongside your child and potentially save you some pennies!

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Group 0+

Birth - 15 Months

0kg - 13kg

Key Facts

  • Always Rear Facing

  • Includes a carry handle

  • Often compatible with travel systems

  • Has high sides and a deep seat

About Group 0+ Car Seats

The first car seat you will buy! bucket-style seats are the most commonly used for newborn's. They include a carry handle and can be used as part of a baby travel system.

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Group 0+ / 1

Birth - 4 Years

0kg - 18kg

Key Facts

  • Birth - 4 Years

  • Rear and Forward Facing

  • Secured using a 5 point harness

  • Most seats will recline

About Group 0+ / 1 Car Seats

Also known as a combination car seat. These seats are versatile and can be uses rear-facing and changed to forward-facing when baby is older.

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Group 1

9 Months - 4 Years

9kg - 18kg

Key Facts

  • Forward Facing

  • Isofix options available

  • Padded integral harness and chest pads

  • Often includes recline options

About Group 1 Car Seats

Shell-shaped group 1 seats used to all be forward-facing. Many of the forward facing car seats have adjustable recline positions, adjustable head rests and are compatible with ISOFIX bases.

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Group 1 / 2 / 3

9 Months - 12 Years

9kg - 36kg

Key Facts

  • Includes an adjustable headrest

  • Harness adjusts and is often removable

  • Seat covers are washable

  • Often includes a recline option

About Group 1/2/3 Car Seats

These high-backed booster seats use a harness to secure children until they are 15kg, after which they can safely be secured in the booster with just the car's seatbelt.

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Group 2 / 3

4 Years - 12 Years

18kg - 36kg

Key Facts

  • Includes an adjustable backrest

  • Includes padded arm rests

  • Isofix options are available

  • Includes seat belt guides

About Group 2/3 Car Seats

These can be either a high-backed booster seat or a booster seat without a back. On some seats, the back can be removed once your child has reached 22kg.

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Measured by height

New European Regulation

Key Facts

  • Improved protection at higher forces

  • Rearward facing travel until 15 months

  • Will fit all Isofix cars

  • Uses length and not age or weight

About I-Size Car Seats

i-Size is the new European wide, standard regulation (R129 ) for child car seats, R129 was developed using the very latest research into child safety in cars and is therefore the future of car seat safety legislation, but will continue to run side-by-side with ECE R44/04 in the years to come. I-Size focuses on child's height instead of weight making it easier to choose the right car seat.

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