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Buying a Car Seat Made Easy

Finding the right child car seat to transport one child in a single car is relatively easy – but finding one that will fit in with the whole family’s lifestyle is more of a challenge.

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Multiple Cars

Depending on the car you drive will decide which car seat you can buy and if you live in a household with more than one car it can start to become confusing – but it doesn’t have to be. It is common for mums and dads to each have their own car but that doesn't necessarily mean buying 2 car seats.

Find a car seat that is compatible with both cars, most cars manufactured after 2007 have IsoFix mounts to install a seat. If both cars have isofix then installing car seats becomes a lot quicker making it more convenient for you. Alternatively, there are car seats that can be installed with both Isofix mounts and a car seatbelt. If you are buying an infant carrier, you can also purchase a base unit and then switching between cars becomes as easy as a click of a button!

If your child is older and is on the highback booster stage, make sure the seat is lightweight and easy to carry between cars. Car seats are safest when installed correctly, and every time you move it, you have to reinstall it increasing the risk of it not being installed properly when you're moving it often.

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We never like to disturb a sleeping baby so moving him from car to house or even supermarket trolley should be a breeze.

In this case an infant carrier (group 0+) rather than a combination car seat (group 0+/1) are the obvious choice as they are usually lightweight with a carry handle and if installed on a base they take all the fuss out of undoing a fiddly seat belt.

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Travel System

A complete travel system includes a infant car seat and a pushchair, which will make a great choice if you spend a lot of time getting from A to B by car. A travel system combines a buggy with a car seat and is very practical for parents especially when a sleepy baby is involved.

The car seat can click or slot sometimes with the use of adaptors, onto a buggy or its chassis, making it easy to move your baby from car to buggy and allows you to continue your journey by foot with ease. Because of the size and weight of most car seat, only a Group 0 or Group 0+ car seat can be paired with a buggy to make a travel system.

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