Whether it is your first or third child you are preparing for, nothing about the experience should be stressful or make you unhappy. Having a baby is a joyful time and picking all of your products should be too!

Even if you have no idea where to start, Direct2Mum are here to help. Using our experience and knowledge from our own journey, we have put together a guide of things to consider before making your big purchase.

Choosing Your Pushchair

Everyone is unique and has different likes and requirements, whether it be the jeans you wear or the perfume you like the smell of, it will never suit everyone. The same applies with your baby products now as there are so many different choices.

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What will it Cost?

Whether you are looking to invest in a travel system that will stay with you for years or you need a convenient stroller for your first family holiday, there really is something for everyone. Consider how much money you really want to put into your pushchair before you start looking to avoid disappointment.

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Your Questions Answered

At Direct2Mum we speak to mums and dads to be on a daily basis. Combine that with our very own mums and dads working at Direct2Mum and things they experienced we have put together a list of our most frequently asked questions to share with you, just in case there was something on your mind.

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Steps Towards Buying

Summarising the main factors in your life that you need to accommodate and how to do it without breaking the bank are some of the steps you need to take before parting with your money. Some people use public transport, others like long walks whilst some families have more than one young child.

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