Your Questions Answered

Anything on your mind? Here is a list of our most frequently answered questions from mums, dads and grand-parents to be. If there is something else you would like to ask our sales or customer service team would be happy to help by phone, email, live chat or in our store.

What do I need to do to make sure the pushchair I choose fits in my boot?

You need to first consider what else will be in your boot with your pushchair, it is not likely that your pushchair will be the only thing you need to store in there. Take a measurement of the length and width of your boot and keep it with you as you visit stores on look online. If the folded dimensions aren’t on there …ask! The last thing you need is no way of transporting your pushchair from one place to another.

Can I have a seat that faces me as well as the front?

Yes, you can. Many travel systems now have a reversible seat unit that can face both ways. Simply click the relevant buttons to release the seat unit, turn it around and click it back into place. This promotes bonding with your baby but also engaging them with the outside world.

Does the seat lie flat for a new born?

Most pushchair seats recline to different positions but not all of them lie flat. If you need the seat to be suitable for a new born baby and you are not using a carry cot you need it to lie completely flat for them. It is advised to use a foot muff to fill in the additional space around your baby as well to ensure they’re compact and safe.

Is a shopping basket important?

If you are using your pushchair for everyday city living and errands rather than country walks the storage is very important. Having a suitable sized shopping basket will free up your hands, relieving you from carrying endless bags. Some people will not require a shopping basket but if you do, ensure you are going for one that will accommodate all of your essentials.

Do the wheels need pumping up?

Many pushchairs wheels are air filled and have a pump available as an accessory. Many of the all- terrain tyres are pneumatic and unable to be punctured. The types of pushchair you choose to purchase will have a suitable set of wheels with it. If you have a preference for which wheels you would like, check what they are first and if they can be changed.

Are pushchairs easy to fold?

Some are a lot easier and more obvious to fold, others take practise or a demonstration to figure out. Whilst most strollers require a flick of a bar by the brake and a push forward to fold down some now have buttons to press on the handles or latches to unlock on the chassis before you can fold it down. There are many that if you were to stand in front of it without being shown you could be there for hours without a clue where to begin so research and practise is important.

We go on family walks with the dog, what do I need to consider?

If you enjoy walks through the countryside or on more ‘difficult’ surfaces you would be best to look into an all-terrain pushchair. These pushchairs are specifically designed for uneven surfaces with their suspension and large tyres for a smooth ride for your child. The chassis might be a little heavier than that of a stroller because of its purpose so make sure you can pick it up and fold it with ease. Check out Mountain Buggy on our website, the perfect all-terrain pushchair.