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BMA call for a complete ban on smoking in cars

The BMA (British Medical Association) has called on ministers to extend the current...

Nicki Hickman 25/10/2013 09:02:22 5 Replies

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My daughter is nearly 2, she disn't walk alone till she...

She's funny, intelligent, cheeky, loving and yeah she's cute - I was also wondering...

Joy Dehany 25/02/2013 13:14:01 4 Replies

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Lack of sleep linked to childhood obesity

Bee Wilson, writing for The Telegraph, has once again raised the question whether or...

Nicki Hickman 27/11/2011 20:06:56 1 Reply

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Girls growing up in a 'moral abyss'

Girls' School Association (GSA) President Dr Helen Wright has been reported as saying...

Nicki Hickman 22/11/2011 11:35:57 0 Replies

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Cord clamping delay assists babies' health

New research submitted to the BMJ (British Medical Journal) has suggested that...

Nicki Hickman 16/11/2011 20:31:09 0 Replies

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New guide for Dads to be

A new 16 page guide funded by the Department of Health is due to be launched today,...

Nicki Hickman 15/11/2011 13:51:28 1 Reply

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