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The difference between girls and boys.

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February 9, 2012 at 11:20 am

Ok, so we all know that there are obvious differences between boys and girls and I don't think we need to go into them. But there are other differences too. When I was pregnant with my daughter, I was convinced she was a boy. Utterly convinced. To the point where I had bought a gorgeous blue coming home outfit. When she was born I was shocked. Happy, but shocked. My son and husband were happy with a girl and I soon came round to the idea!

She will be one in three weeks time and the only word I can use to describe her is feisty. She knows exactly what she wants and cries when she doesn't get it. If you tell her off or say no firmly she flops to the floor and sobs dramatically. All this and she's not even one. God help us when she's thirteen.

She really is such a different kettle of fish to our son. He was so calm, placid and quiet. If you put him in a spot he stayed there. He would quietly play with toys and could sit in his activity centre easily for an hour! She cannot be left anywhere. She wants your attention and gets bored of things after five minutes. She's into everything and she seems to try really hard to work out how things work. She sticks her fingers into tiny holes (which I was guilty of as a child) and generally makes herself known. Mealtimes are a battle. In fact, most things are a battle of wills. The childminder struggles with getting her to keep her gloves on. The girl often wins. Little does she know I'm attaching her mittens to elastic (that'll learn her)!

My son learnt to walk at eight months but he only learnt to crawl at fourteen months. Whilst my daughter is certainly strong enough to walk, she learnt to crawl at six months so why would she bother with walking? She climbs everything. She empties everything (although this comes in use when the washing needs getting out of the machine)! She just doesn't stop moving!

I never thought that two children could be so different! Maybe I should have looked at the fact that me and my sisters are not at all alike. But I do wonder if this is just the difference between boys and girls? My son is calm, easy going and pretty chilled out, albeit a sensitive soul. My daughter is feisty, determined, undeterred and insistent.

Wish me luck for the next 17 years. I think I'm going to need more wine!

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