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October 24, 2012 at 21:01 pm


If, like me, you have a boy (or girl) with the physique of a racing snake, finding a pair of trousers that stay up all day that be quite a test of wits.

From simple elasticated waists...(trust me, don’t even go there) to every type of belt known to man and beast – yes, this does include a piece of twine (thank Grandad for that one!) I was pretty much resigned to the adjustable waistband versions with the buttons on the elastic.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I think in principle these are a good idea. However, in reality if your child has the body shape of a eight pieced Lego brick like mine, you end up with about 6 feet of curly elastic poking out of the side of their trousers and the most ridiculous ‘JLo – esque rear’ you’ve ever seen due to the mass of empty, scrunched up material left over. Seriously, to the point that the well know Queen song should be named ‘fat bottomed child’ (although in hindsight this may be a little inappropriate!)

So, when I heard about this swanky new Easybelt, as you can imagine I was quite intrigued. Not only is founder and owner Kay a fellow Cornish bird but the idea of a fully adjustable belt that Little Man could manage on his own sounded like the perfect solution.

Kay came up with the idea of the belt after having exactly the same experiences as mine above; inspired by the leash on her son’s surfboard (anyone who’s ever been surfing or boogie-boarding will get this straight away) she came up with the ingenious idea of the Easybelt.

The Easybelt ticks all the boxes for me, no buckles or pins for Little Man to get stressed with, no fancy through this loop, over that loop stuff and best of all no metal ends!

Any fellow child of the 70’s will no doubt have similar battle scars from being hit by a ‘snake belt’ at some point during their formative years, and having excitable boys in our house; taking a belt off to use as a toy and swinging it wildly around your head oblivious to anything or anyone around you is par for the course! So as you can imagine, I’m very relieved not to have this worry anymore!


Easybelts are made from a hardwearing, flexible and stretchy fabric similar to that of the afore mentioned leash. They’re fully adjustable as you can see in the images below – you simply slide the loop along the belt until it’s the required length.

Once the Easybelt is in place all your child has to do is push the end of the belt through the end loop (this is a great size and very simple for them to do) then simply fold the end back over for the Velcro to grip...EASY!


You can tell that Kay is a parent herself, and she understands what the Easybelt needs to do for Mums and Dads whilst also appealing to kids of all ages. The Easybelt offers a great selection of colours and designs – with some really cute applique designs available such as Racing Cars and Butterflies to mention a few. We were sent a blue striped Easybelt and another with a red racing car (Little Man’s favourite Racing driver has a red car) it’s probably no surprise that the stripy Easybelt doesn’t get much of a look in!


If you or your little one are creative, they’re also really easy to customise at home...and I’m yet to meet a boy or girl who wouldn’t love that! Aside from all the practicalities above, what’s also really nice is that Kay also offers a range of belts to fit adults that may have problems with a normal belt buckle and also offers a bespoke, made to measure service where required.

Considering all of the above, you’d expect the Easybelt to have some ridiculously high price tag right?

WRONG! Easybelts retail for just £6 - £7 depending on the size and style you choose.

Even better, you might just get lucky and win one over in the Direct2Mum competition that’s running until the 19th November!

  • Little Man gave his Easybelts a score of 5/5 and commented that he liked it “’cause it was easy and he could do it on his own.”
  • He’s also requested a Crocodile design on a yellow belt please Kay!
  • I’d give the Easybelt 5/5 for ease of use and value for money

You can check out the full Easybelt range over on their website Easybelts.co.uk and you can also follow them on Twitter and Facebook to keep up to date with all their latest offers and competitions.

*In the interest of integrity I would like to point out that Easybelts supplied the items above free of charge for the purpose of this review and that the views and opinions expressed are my own for which I did not receive any payments.

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