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My 2 Brads: 100% Family

My 2 Brads

August 23, 2013 at 23:49 pm

Welcome! To start us off, maybe I should provide a little bit of background of who "we" are. We are commonly known to our friends and family as "The Brads." We have been together since 2005 after meeting online (yes, an online success story). Our first date was on a sunny November day when the motion picture RENT opened in Washington, D.C. It sounds a bit cliche, but we both knew after that first date we had each found someone special. At the time, Brad B. was a resident of Washington D.C. and Brad L. was in from NYC performing at the Kennedy Center. After a few short months of the whole dating thing, we coined ourselves official boyfriends. After a year, Brad L. made the big-move and permanently moved to Washington from New York City. Now we live in a a single family home in suburban Maryland just outside of metro Washington DC. Yes, we are officially Suburbanites.

In January of 2009, we started our adoption process to become a family. It was a long and tedious process full of paperwork, but it was definitely worth the wait. In October of 2010, our son, Kyler, was born and welcomed to our family through an open adoption (this story will be in a later post). We were even there for his birth! Very cool and ewwwwww at the same time. Kyler has been an incredible blessing to us, and so now we find ourselves on the road of trying to be the best parents possible. We have definitely settled nicely into our roles as Dad(Brad L.) and Pop(Brad B.).

We are hoping to expand our family very soon, but for now we are concentrating on the family we have now. Parenthood is a rough path, but the rewards are sometimes beyond words. Parenting successes and short-comings will always abound, but we are committed to doing the best that we can ... through any adversity. We know that whether you are gay or straight, black or blue, rich or poor ... a parent is a parent is a parent ... and as long as you have plenty of love and definitely a lot of patience, you'll be just fine.

We are Brad, Brad and Kyler ... and we are 100% family.


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