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Hippychick Wheely Bug Review

Wired a Different Way

November 18, 2013 at 22:42 pm

Wired a Different Way

I will be reviewing the “Wheely Bug” today and but to be honest looking at all the awards it’s won I sort of don’t need to!


Holding an impressive 17 industry awards it’s safe to say it’s probably going to be a good product!

So first of all, Packaging!


It comes in a lovely box with a picture clearly showing the Wheely Bug as you would expect, but I think it is a fair representation of what’s in the box. It is well secured with a couple of cardboard flaps that are easily opened and has an extra box inside for the cover. Inside the smaller box is the cover for your new Wheely Bug. Once you remove the Wheely Bug and it’s cover from their boxes you’re free to dress your bug in in the cover provided. All in all, nothing excessive, just simple recyclable packing that does the job perfectly!


Ok so when you remove the Bug from it’s box there isn’t much to do in order to have it ready for use.

The wheels and handle are already fixed onto the product so the only fiddling you have to do is put the cover on! To attach your cover you simply “feed” it under the handle, pull both ends and stretch it over the bump and voila! It’s ready to roll!

I will say though, it did take me a couple of minutes to fit it properly. There is just enough material to cover the base and keep it tightly in place so it might seem tricky at first but after 6-7 times taking it off and putting it back on again, each time got quicker and easier to fit/remove the cover. Practice makes perfect I guess!

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The whole specs of the Wheely Bug can be found on their website but just to point out 1 figure from it, “The Wheely Bug can hold up to 120KG” so it’s a fair assumption it’s built very sturdy and you shouldn’t have to worry about it breaking very easily!

Now finally on to the most important section of the review, the reception!

The Wheely Bug we have is an adorable Panda. nice crisp white and luxurious black fur make it a winner for me and the kiddies too! There are a variety of designs available and all the other designs are equally adorable so the choice will only be to pick your child’s favorite

Now from a kiddies point of view I’ll say this, the minute we plonked Bella-Marie on the Wheely Bug and started to watch her glide across the floor she had a very big smile from ear to ear! That, in my opinion, is a big win! It’s easy to move, push, pull, spin, slide and even pick up… A great little invention!


Even Mollie-Rose enjoyed a ride!


A great idea for a Christmas present or a little treat for your lovely bundle of joy! (just a suggestion given the festive season is almost upon us!)

Thoroughly pleased with everything on this one! Only problem is it’s a little too small for Mummy and Daddy to use… But we still had a go anyway!

You can purchase the Wheely Bug at - http://www.hippychick.com

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