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Direct2Mum's First Ever AGM!


December 10, 2015 at 10:54 am

Last Friday was Direct2Mum's very first Annual General Meeting at the Huddersfield 3M Buckley Innovation Centre.

All of our head of department managers took it in turns to present their departments achievements within the business over the past year and what they would like their teams to achieve over the next coming year. Some of the work that has been put in over the past year is astonishing and it gave all the staff members the chance to see what goes on through out the business on a daily basis.

Everybody arrived at 12:00pm for food and drinks before the proceedings. To start the day off we had a lovely welcome speech from our Chairman Graham Leslie.

We had presentations from the IT, Warehouse, HR, Customer Service, Babyway and Buying and Supply departments and our Brand Director Fay delivered hers dressed as a duck as she was also raising money for the Forget Me Not Children’s Hospice. Our Web Merchandiser was roped into dressing up as a duck at the last minute as well with Fay and Graham offering to donate another £100 each to the charity if she did it alongside Fay.

After the speeches were over and all the food was eaten, Direct2Mum went for a big family meal at Gringos to celebrate the success we have had over the past year, followed by a few cheeky drinks!!

Thank you to each and every customer that has helped us along the way this last year. Here's to another great year!!

Lot of love

Direct2Mum xxx


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