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Brother Max 6 in 1 Projection Thermometer


August 2, 2016 at 10:46 am


Brother Max are proud to announce that the 6 in 1 Projection Thermometer is the WINNER of the Gold Award at the Junior Design Awards!

This thermometer is non-contact, silent and very easy to use, making it suitable for the whole family not just babies - how cool is that!

As us parents know taking your child's temperature isn't always easy especially when their hot and bothered, this thermometer can be used to measure your child’s temperature at first sight without contact as it projects the illuminated temperature reading from the thermometer onto their forehead. The illuminated projection function also makes taking an accurate reading simple, with its unique built in ‘aiming’ system.

As this is a 6-in-1 thermometer you can also use it to measure bath water, liquid, room, food or skin (body) temperature, measuring from 1-80 C. The temperature will always be projected directly onto the surface as it is being measured. The handy memory function also stores the last nine previous readings.

We love Brother Max products here at Direct2Mum and we hope you will too! To have a look at our range please click here.

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