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Week 18

My Bumpy Ride

December 12, 2016 at 16:49 pm

My Bumpy Ride

After squeezing into my normal jeans for the past 18 weeks I finally admitted defeat and decided to invest in some maternity jeans. I had seen loads online but I was unsure to go for over the bump or under the bump and whether I need to go up a size or buy the size I normally would.

So pay packet in hand myself and Chris happily set off to Leeds on a mission to get me some jeans. (Plus I also wanted to see the new Victoria Gate shopping centre!)

We started off pretty well by accidentally stumbling across H&M and their teeny tiny maternity section in the Trinity. I didn’t let the size of it put me off and decided to try on some over the bumps in my normal size and too my amazement the fit! Little did I know the next 2 hours of my life would not be filled with such joy….

I can honestly say that I have never been made to feel so demoralised in my life as the next few hours were spent visiting shops I knew had an online offering and to be told they did not have any in store. The look that the lady in New Look gave me was one of utter disgust. Gap was the final straw for me when, after feeling quite hungry and emotional, the lady told me that “There might be some returns downstairs” when I asked if they stocked their maternity range. Needless to say – I cried!

Other than exhaustion I do not think that I have suffered many pregnancy symptoms, however my emotions really did get the better of me in that situation. I love to exercise and my changing body shape is something that I am struggling to get my head around. I imagine I am not the only one to have the need to try on something that is a whole new concept before buying but it turns out ladies that Leeds is not the place for us!! That is unless you want to go to Gap and try on someones returned clothing!!

How I have felt: Upset and demoralised

My worries: Not exercising and putting on weight

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