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Week 20

My Bumpy Ride

December 12, 2016 at 16:53 pm

My Bumpy Ride

This week started of a little bit shit but Friday was a GOOD day!

Our best friends were getting married in Barbados and until we knew we were expecting we were there with bells on. Imagine; the sun, the cocktails, the relaxing steel drums...we were there in our heads from the moment we were asked. This was until the ZIKA virus hit.

It turns out that the Zika virus and pregnant people do not mix. It can have serious complications with the baby and cause microcephaly. I researched frantically hoping that there was a bit of scare mongering going on but when I spoke to my GP she recommended that I did not go. Not something you want the hear when you have paid a small fortune to the travel agents!! Luckily we were able to negotiate holding the money in an account at the travel agents for a rainy day.

Anyway, now I have set the scene, this is the reason this week was shit. We were meant to be in Barbados but instead found ourselves sat in a Caribbean restaurant in rainy Huddersfield trying to drown our sorrows with Jerk Chicken and a NON-alcoholic cocktail. Not quite the relaxing break we had in mind.

Friday was our 20 week scan and after much debate we had decided to find out the sex. I have to admit I was more worried that they would do the scan and something would be wrong than finding out the sex, however I had to keep up the bravado all week to people excited to find out if it was a boy or a girl.

Chris really wanted a boy (I think it's a man thing) and I really was not bothered, but I was convinced it was a girl. I kind of wanted it to be a girl just so that I was right!!

We got to see our baby again and the lady was making all the right sounds and as far as she could see everything was okay, which was a great relief! After a quick 10 mins taking measurements and what not we found out that we are having a GIRL! I was right!! - Tea was on Chris!!

How I have felt: Reality has hit that I am always going to have to put my plans on hold for the baby!

My worries: Worried about the scan

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