Week 23 - Direct2Mum

Week 23

My Bumpy Ride

December 24, 2016 at 11:07 am

My Bumpy Ride

So the spreadsheets were out in full force again this week as I have to admit even captain organise has messed up this time. When we planned to get married on 2nd September 2017, we did not plan to have a baby 5 months prior.

When we told people we were expecting the reaction of most people was ‘What about the wedding?’ – I just laughed and said it is still happening. These wise people knew that it was not going to be as simple as just having a baby, not getting an income and planning a wedding!

Luckily myself and Chris have years of wedding planning experience between us which in some ways is a good thing, but in others it really isn’t as we know what to avoid. We are on total lock down until the baby arrives trying to save every penny we have so that we can put it in the wedding pot. I have actually eaten home cooked food for my tea for over a week now….those of you who know me will know how much of an achievement this is! (I have to admit I have slipped the odd brunch date in)

I have also done some research on what I am able to claim throughout my maternity. There are something called KIT days (Keeping in Touch) of which you entitled to 10 work days throughout your maternity for a full rate of pay. You also accrue your holiday allowance whilst you are on maternity leave. Apart from that we are pretty much screwed because we earn too much between us.

How I have felt: Actually human again

My worries: How the hell will we pay for this wedding

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