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Week 28

My Bumpy Ride

February 2, 2017 at 21:41 pm

My Bumpy Ride

Working in retail and being 6 and a half months pregnant isn’t a good combination! Stood on my feet all day followed by an hours commute home has taken it out of me…Lots of sleep required! I think I might need to re-evaluate when I start my maternity as travelling is starting to be un-comfy and I still have a few months of growing to do!

Myself and Chris also started our antenatal classes last week. The first week was all the awkward ‘Hi my name is blah blah blah and my baby is born on 4th April’ however week 2 was super interesting. A total geek at heart; a 2 hour session learning about labour and everything involved was actually right up my street. Chris – not so much!

I do wonder how people get on when they do not go to these classes though. I learnt all about when to do what when labour starts, all the pain relief and options available to me and who will be there doing what. Turns out if I have a C-Section there are a shit load of people there whilst you are lying behind a cloth not seeing anything happening!!

Kirklees also offer lots of support including breast pumps for hire. Looks like getting mine as a Christmas gift was a waste of money! I am so hoping I can breast feed and actually get some use out of it!

How I have felt: Confused about when to take my maternity leave.

My worries: What if I have to have a C-Section?

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