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Week 30

My Bumpy Ride

February 2, 2017 at 21:43 pm

My Bumpy Ride

I have totally struggled with my body changing and I have managed until now to keep myself and the bump off social media. I aren’t one for taking hundreds of ‘selfies’ and there is nothing more annoying that someone living every minute of every day through the medium of Facebook!

Anyway…This Saturday we actually behaved like a normal couple and went out on a Saturday evening with our friends for a meal. We went to a place called Mr. Nobody in Leeds (highly recommended). It was literally the first time since I was 6 weeks pregnant that I haven’t wanted to curl up in my PJ’s and watch some trashy TV. Let’s face it – since strictly finished it has been pretty slim pickings for Saturday evening watching!

It was so nice to catch up and even though I couldn’t drink we had such a nice time. Anyway when we got home and I was in such good spirits I took a picture and posted it to social media. I was overwhelmed with the support from friends and family saying how I looked and it made me so happy! I really wish I could bottle that feeling…I’d be a billionaire selling it to pregnant ladies! Or when Chris goes back to work and I am at home stressing about everything I could just have a little whiff to perk me up!

How I have felt: Getting used to my bump and embracing it.

My worries: I hope I can get back in shape after baby arrives.

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