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Joie Every Stage Group 0+/ 1, 2 & 3 Car Seat - Salsa


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Best Baby & Toddler Gear Gold Winner
From Birth To 12 Years Old
The every stage is just that, this car seat starts as a group 0+ which is suitable from birth and then adjusts through to groups 1, 2 and 3 making it suitable up until your child is 12 years old!

Group 0+ Stage Suitable From Birth (rearward facing & belted installation)
This group is for your newborn, and your baby will travel rearward facing when travelling in the car. A supportive body and seat insert will ensure your baby fits snugly in the seat. The baby-soft 5 point harness with shoulder and lower buckle covers keep baby secure and with a one pull motion, the harness easily tightens.

Group 1 Stage Suitable From 9kg (extended rearward facing & belted installation)
This group is suitable from 9kg (9 months old) and is when you can start to let your child forward face in the car. It is recommended you keep your child rearward facing as long as possible which is why the every stage has an extended rearward facing rating up to 18kg (4 years old). To change the direction the seat faces simply unfasten the seatbelt and move it to the forward facing position (watch the installation video for more guidance).

Group 2 & 3 Stage Suitable From 18kg (forward facing & belted installation)
Group 2 & 3 is suitable from 18kg (4 years old) and is when the car seat will start to adjust to make accommodation for your growing child. Your child will no longer need the 5 point harness and will start to use a the cars seat belt to secure your child in their seat. There is a hideaway compartment for the harness, watch our handy video that takes you step by step.

How To Install Every Stage In The Car
The Every Stage car seat is installed using your vehicles 3 point seat belt. Helpful blue guide points help you to install the seat rearward facing and helpful red guides points help you to install the seat forward facing correctly. There are also instructions in the box and printed on the seat itself or watch our handy video that takes you step by step.

5-Point Safety Harness
The 5-point harness with baby soft, padded covers keeps your baby cosy and secure. The one pull motion easily tightens the 5 point harness to your child's body, but remember to keep a two finger width between your child's body and the harness. When you no longer need to use the 5-point harness you can remove the seat covers and place the harness in a hideaway compartment.

Recline Function
There are 2 recline positions for rearward facing and 4 when forward facing so your baby can always nap safely and comfortably. There is a helpful indicator on the bottom of the seat that lets you know when you've reached maximum recline.

Grow-With-Me Support Cushion
The car seat comes with a infant support, a soft head and body cushion that keeps your baby snug in their seat. This support cushion is also customisable too so that you can keep using it as your child grows as every child grows at different rates.

Grow-Together Function
The Grow-Together system means that when you adjust the headrest the 5-point harness will automatically adjust to accommodate your child's height too. This makes the seat incredibly easy to use as there is no re-threading of the harness decreasing the chance of mis-use. The headrest has 10 height positions.

Auto-Adjust Function
As the headrest adjusts the car seats side wings also expand outwards to custom fit growing little ones all the way up to the tallest of 12 year olds.

Remember not all car seats fit all vehicles, our trained staff will check the compatibility and ensure you get the right car seat for your vehicle. Alternatively check the manufacturer fitting list to ensure compatibility.

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Suitable From Birth

Side Impact Protection

Rear Facing

Forward Facing

5 Point Safety Harness

Belted Installation


Adjustable Headrest

Group 1

Group 2

Group 3

Group 0+

Other Colours Available

Best Baby & Toddler Gear Gold Winner

  • 60091001267
  • L 54 x W 48-52.6 x H 65.5-85.5 cm
  • Red
  • Unisex
  • C1209AASLA000
  • - Birth To 12 Years Old
  • - Birth - 18kg (4 Years)
  • - 9kg - 36kg (12 Years)
  • - 1 Rearward Facing & 4 Forward Facing
  • - Added Security For The Head, Body & Hips
  • - Provide Extra Side Impact Protection
  • - Side Wings Widen As Headrest Is Raised
  • - 10 Height Positions
  • - Headrest & Harness System Adjust Simultaneously
  • - Customisable Infant Body & Head Support
  • - Store Aways The 5-Point Harness
  • - Keep Child Cool On Warmer Days
  • - For Childs Travel Items
  • - With Shoulder & Lower Buckle Covers
  • - Easily Tightens The 5-Point Harness
  • - Keep Little Ones Cosy
  • - Increases Structural Integrity
  • - 3 Point Seatbelt With Dual Lock-Offs
  • - 8.86kg
  • - ECE R44/04

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