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Chicco Myamaki Baby Carrier - Grey Stripes

  • Chicco Myamaki Baby Carrier - Grey Stripes
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This product is discontinued

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The new from birth baby carrier! The Myamaki has been expertly designed for ensures your baby an ergonomic and safe position for baby's back and hips.

Aknowledged as a "hi-healthy" product by the IHDI (International Hip Dysplasia Institute) the Myamaki Baby Carrier provides multiple options and wearable positions providing support to both you and your little one.

Suitable from birth parent facing or in hip form or back form 6 months onwards the Myamaki comes with a practical multi functional reducer which can be folded out over your little one head to keep them snug, protected from the elements but also makes sure they're supported in the correct position giving them the feeling of security as they travel.

For both yours and your little ones comfort the Myamaki Carrier has special designed padded waist and shoulder straps which are not only soft but also supportive, these spread the weight evenly around your body making sure no strain is caused.

Suitable From Birth

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  • Grey
  • Unisex
  • 4079477370000
  • - Birth - 9kg
  • - Parent Facing (0m+), Hip Position (6m+), Back Position (6m+)
  • - by the IHDI
  • - by the IHDI
  • - Waist & Shoulder Straps
  • - system
  • - configuration
  • - 9kg
  • - By The IHDI
  • - System
  • - configuration
  • - Configurations
  • - 9kg