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Cosatto Come and Go Group 0+ & 1 Car Seat - Dawn Chorus

  • Cosatto Come and Go Group 0+ & 1 Car Seat - Dawn Chorus
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This product is discontinued

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This clever extended rear facing car seat lasts from birth to around 4 years old (18kg). It’s packed full of safety tech for maximum in-car peace of mind and the easy-access rotation feature makes life on-the-go a breeze.

Come and Go is suitable from birth up to maximum weight of 18kg. It fits rear facing up to 18kg, allowing your child to face rear longer for safety – around 4 years old. Come and Go can also forward face from 9kg up to 18kg.

Why is ERF recommended? In a front on collision rear facing seats distribute force across a much larger area of the back so there’s less pressure on the delicate head, neck and spine.

The seat can be rotated to side facing for easy access from a car door. No more stretching and leaning in when lifting baby out or doing up the harness. Come and Go then locks into position either forward or rear facing when you’re on the move.

The deep side-impact protection and reinforced shell construction cocoons your mini passenger. ISOFIX connectors with correct-fit indicators bring extra security with a satisfying click. The support leg and anti-rebound bar transfer force into the vehicle floor.

Use Come and Go’s exclusive Anti-Escape System to stop wriggling toddlers freeing themselves from the harness. The handy in-situ harness means you can easily adjust the headrest and shoulder strap height without having to remove it.

Come and Go combines 1st class comfort with security thanks to plush padding, removable newborn wedge, laid-back reclining seat and adjustable headrest for growing on the go. Pop-off washable covers keep Come and Go sparkling.

Come and Go also comes with an industry-leading 4 year guarantee for your peace of mind.

The Brand New Cosatto Anti-Escape System!

It's here, another Cosatto first, the brand new Cosatto 5 Point Plus Anti-Escape System. Car seat harnesses just got a whole new level of security. Research shows that more than 70% of children wriggle out of their car seat harness, putting them at risk of head, neck, spinal and internal injuries. That's unacceptable so Cosatto have built the solution.

Working with the makers of the original, award-winning 5 Point Plus, they've created the next generation of in-car security that goes beyond the existing best protection standard 5 point harness. They've incorporated the original 5 Point Plus blueprint into their Anti-Escape System, creating an anti-wriggle lock-down. This leaves you free to watch the road instead of your child's escape attempts.

Why do I need the Brand New Cosatto 5 Point Plus System?

Up until now, the standard 5 point harness on all car seats offered the best protection for your child. Each time you buckled up with the standard 5 point harness you did get a bespoke fit. So far so good. However, children are natural escape artists. With the industry standard 5 point harness they are able to push their hands through the gaps above the red buckle, simply slipping the harness off their shoulders and wriggling free.

Not any more because Cosatto have just closed the gap. Their brand new revolutionary 5 Point Plus system shields those escape gaps, making it virtually impossible for children to escape their harness. Cosatto are making your child, you and the roads safer. In tests 9 out of 10 children could not wriggle out of their brand new Cosatto Anti-Escape System. That's a result.

(Cosatto recommend you keep your child in a rearward-facing car seat for as long as possible. Never put a child in a passenger seat fitted with an active front airbag. Airbags are designed to protect adults but can have the opposite effect on children.)

Manufacturers Warranty

Isofix Installation

Suitable From Birth

Anti-Escape System

Side Impact Protection

Rear Facing

Forward Facing

5 Point Safety Harness


Adjustable Headrest

360 Degree Rotation

Group 0+/1

Other Colours Available

Expendable Support Leg

  • 10720621596
  • Grey
  • Unisex
  • CT3991
  • - Birth Up To 4 Yrs Approx
  • - 0 - 18kgs (4 Yrs Approx.)
  • - 9 - 18kgs (4 Yrs Approx.)
  • - Up To 4 Years Approx.
  • - Using The Integrated Isofix Base
  • - Allows Easy Access To Your Child
  • - To Transfer Force Into The Vehicle Floor
  • - Contoured Seat Shape With Deep Side Wing Panels
  • - Simple No-Rethread Headrest And Shoulder Strap
  • - Multiple Headrest Positions
  • - In Forward Facing Mode
  • - Group 1 Only
  • - Distributes Forces Over The Strongest Parts Of The Body
  • - Plus Newborn Seat Wedge And Headhugger
  • - For A Snug Ride
  • - You’ll Thank Us Later
  • - Industry-Leading 4 Year Guarantee
  • - R44/04

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