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Cybex Sirona Group 0+ & 1 Car Seat - Autumn Gold

  • Cybex Sirona Group 0+ & 1 Car Seat - Autumn Gold
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This product is discontinued

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Mother&Baby Bronze Award
Suitable from birth so your newborn is protected from their very first journey, the Cybex Sirona has endless safety features and sophisticated looks, this car seat really is the king!

A clever 360° rotation system makes life easier and less back-breaking for parents when getting your little one in and out of the car. The clever rotation mechanism also makes it easy to change between the rear-facing and forward-facing positions without having to take the seat out.

The Sirona is designed to stay rear facing for longer, a rear-facing child seat reduces the risk of injury in a head-on collision by more than 80% when compared to a conventional forward-facing seat with harness system.

Sirona is secured using the car's ISOFIX system and requires no further fastening. A one-click installation with Isofix both in rear- and forward-facing position allows for simple installation and guarantees increased safety.

Whether rear- or forward-facing, the Cybex Sirona's adjustable Linear Side-impact Protection system (L.S.P.) increases the level of safety in case of a side-impact collision.

The L.S.P. system can be individually adjusted to the position of the seat and the type of vehicle and absorbs the force of a side-impact collision in combination with the head & shoulder protectors.

The innovative Seat-to-Chassis technology creates a direct link between the seat and the chassis. In case of an accident, the force of an impact is transferred straight to the chassis, which simultaneously activates the safety features of the car and the seat and thereby initiates the process of distributing the force at the earliest possible stage of an accident.

When your child is reaches 9 months, depending on their shape and size they may have insufficient legroom when sitting backwards. In this case you can turn the Cybex Sirona around to a forward facing seat with an impact shield. In order to use Cybex Sirona in the forward-facing position, you must first stow away the 5-point belt system.

The adjustable impact shield with A.R.T. Technology cleverly reduces the risk of serious neck injuries without confining the child (patent pending).

Thanks to the new integrated fastening system, there is no longer the need to fasten the impact shield separately. Compared to a conventional 5-point harness, the strain on the neck is significantly reduced.

The 11-position adjustable headrest changes the length and angle of the harness to grow with your child so they will always be comfy.

Sleepy babies can drop off at any time and with the one hand reclining function you can adjust the Sirona in 7 positions rear-facing and 5 positions forward facing.

The Cybex Platinum Range comes in two fabric variations, this Comfort version uses soft and cozy fabrics and comes in more colours available at Direct2Mum!

Impact Shield

Manufacturers Warranty

Isofix Installation

Suitable From Birth

Side Impact Protection

Rear Facing

Forward Facing

5 Point Safety Harness


Adjustable Headrest

360 Degree Rotation

Group 0+/1

Other Colours Available

Machine Washable

Mother&Baby Bronze Award

  • 10490031115
  • L69 x W44 x H53 - 58 cm
  • Orange
  • Unisex
  • 517000065
  • - Birth To Approx. 4 Years
  • - Birth Up To 18kg
  • - 9 Month To 18kg
  • - Easy Entry & Exit Position
  • - One Pull Fastening When Rear Facing
  • - When Front Facing (9-18kg)
  • - With ISOFIX
  • - Absorbs Side-Impact Collision
  • - Absorbs Rear Collision Impacts
  • - Impact Force Transferred Straight To Chassis
  • - 11 Comfy Positions
  • - 7 Rear Facing & 5 Forward Facing Positions
  • - Available In 8 Colour Combinations
  • - Machine Washable At 30⁰C
  • - 15kg