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MAM Manual Breast Pump Set

  • MAM Manual Breast Pump Set
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This product is discontinued

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Mother&Baby Gold Award
A pump for mums with high expectations, the Mam Manual Breast Pump is a perfect blend of function and design!

Mam has developed this breast pump that can be adapted to support an independent modern lifestyle. With only 4 large parts the breast pump is easy to assemble.

Babies often feed in short intervals, which can be demanding at times. With the Mam Breast Pump, a supply of breast milk can easily be and stored.

With a function design the funnel can be rotated for 360 degrees, giving mum the flexibility to change position while expressing. Mum has the choice to use her right or left hand, sit up and recline.

Through innovation selector dials allows mum to control the strength of expression. Holding the button once the milk flow is established, the pump handle can be held down for seconds while the milk still flows meaning less hand pump action is needed.

The pack includes 1 x Breast Pump, 2 x Sealing Discs, 1 x 130ml Anti-Colic Bottle and 1 x lid, teat, collar to make a complete 160 ml Anti-Colic Bottle.

Perfect Gift

Dishwasher Safe


Mother&Baby Gold Award

BPA Free

Slow Flow

  • 70700100131
  • Green
  • BC0101
  • - Can Rotate 360 Degrees
  • - For A Gentle & Secure Hold
  • - Controls Expression Strength
  • - Ergonomic Shape Ensures Secure Hold
  • - For Easy Assembly & Cleaning