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MAM Breastfeeding Starter Set

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This product is discontinued

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This Mam Breast Feeding Starter Set has everything you need to get going!

Together with medical experts, midwives, and experienced parents, MAM has developed a specially-designed product range for breastfeeding today.

Featuring the Mam Breast Pump and Award Winning self-sterilising Anti-Colic Bottles. The set also includes breast pads and nipple shields, along with storage pots so you can prepare and store expressed milk for later use.

The Mam Manual Breast Pump has a soft and flexible funnel with four soft cushions to give a gentle secure hold. The pump can be rotated 360 degrees, giving mum the flexibility to change position while expressing for comfort.

Mother has the option to use the right or left hand and to sit up straight or recline whilst expressing. The large funnel hole diameter and length of hole makes it more comfortable when expressing and the selector dial allows mum to control the strength of expression.

The Mam Anti Colic bottles have a 94% teat acceptance rate by babies. The bottles now have a new self-sterilising feature, 3 minutes in the microwave and they are ready to use - no need for a steriliser!

The holes in the base of the bottle help to minimise colic symptoms by reducing the amount of air swallowed by your baby.

The Mam Breast Pads are ultra thin and highly absorbent, this ideal combination helps mums look and feel great between breast-feeds. The top sheet is breathable with a cotton-like feel for comfort and the fixing strip keeps the pad securely in place so there's no need for mum to worry.

When it is time for some relaxation or a break from the everyday baby routine, fathers, babysitters and grandparents can take over and use the previously expressed breast milk in the storage pots.

Suitable From Birth

Perfect Gift

Dishwasher Safe

Microwave Safe


BPA Free

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  • - 1x MAM Manual Breast Pump, 3x MAM Anti Colic Baby Bottles 160ml, 3x MAM Storage Pots, 2x MAM Nipple Shields, 10x MAM Breast Pads, 3x MAM Sealing Discs, 1x Teat Tongs.
  • - Manual
  • - Can Rotate 360 Degrees
  • - For A Gentle & Secure Hold
  • - Controls Expression Strength
  • - Ergonomic Shape Ensures Secure Hold
  • - For Easy Assembly & Cleaning
  • - 0+ Months
  • - Thanks To The Vented Base
  • - 3 Minutes In The Microwave
  • - Very Easy Cleaning
  • - That Has 94% Acceptance Rate Among Babies
  • - 1x Breast Pump 4x Easy Start Anti-Colic Bottles 160ml with Slow Flow teats 3x Sealing Discs 3x Storage Solution Pots 2x Size 2 Nipple Shields with sterilisable carry case 10x Breast Pads 1x Teat Tong