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Come and join the #parentpreneurparty!

As many of you know, we’re a really small team here at Direct2Mum (what’s that saying about the best things coming in small packages!) and we understand just how difficult it can be trying to juggle running your own business with being a good parent.

That is why we are launching our new #parentpreneurparty! Project

The idea came about when Nicki was liaising with other parents and companies to help to promote the Direct2Mum website and competitions.

The more parents she spoke to, the more she noticed that the same theme kept coming up time again; we’re all parents trying to promote our companies, brands and products but have very little time and often very little budget available to do so.

So, in keeping with our philosophy on wanting to create a big family community site, we figured that we should at least try to team up to help each other out: and this is where the #parentpreneurparty! Comes in...


Starting on Tuesday 23rd October 2012 and every Tuesday after, between 10am – 12noon we’ll be holding a #parentpreneurparty! on Twitter. Joining in couldn't be easier, just follow these simple steps!

  1. Follow @direct2mum on Twitter
  2. Tweet @direct2mum starting with the hash tag#parentpreneurparty! then Tweet us your message. This could a promotion that you’re running, a new product launch or just a 'Hey, come and say Hi!' note
  3. As long as you Tweet and Follow us and most importantly are a genuine ‘parentpreneur’ we’ll then follow you back and ReTweet your Tweet to our followers!

Hopefully, if we all get on board and help each other out everyone can benefit and be part of something good...

You never know, this time next year we could be raising a glass to our combined successes with a real-life #parentpreneurparty!

RSVP....hope to see you there!